How to clean a permanent tattoo with salt

How to clean a permanent tattoo with salt – Salt you can make as an alternative to clean the tattoo permanently naturally, which can be used for tattoos old or new. Using salt as a way of cleaning tattoos is a safe way, As long as do not rub “too hard, which can cause injuries and swelling. HOW TO USE CLEANING TATO WITH SALTY You can use how to clean tattoos with salt as an alternative. Here’s how: Dissolve 3 tablespoons of salt in 50ml warm water. After that, clean tattooed skin, with warm water and wipe dry with a towel or tissue. Apply a salt solution on the tattooed skin evenly with gently massage for 10 minutes. DO NOT VOTE !!! Do the above 2x a day until Tattoos faded and clean, but the above step takes a very long time. SUCCESS KEY PATIENCE REMOVES TATTO. If you can not wait to get rid of tattoos with salt it’s a good idea to use the best tattoo eraser we’ve provided and the removal process quickly without pain and scarring.